About Yayasan PERMATA Malaysia

Yayasan PERMATA Malaysia

PERMATA Programme focused on the development of the education of children and adolescents have been initiated since 2007 with the implementation of the PERMATA Negara program. PERMATA Programme has been expanded with the implementation of specific programs based on education for gifted children, bright and talented namely PERMATA Pintar, PERMATA Seni and PERMATA Insan. In addition, PERMATA has also implemented a special program for teens that PERKASA Remaja. Implementation of these programme are funded by the Government.

Following a successful implementation of the program, PERMATA has received requests from various parties such as the public, private sector, local or international organizations and non-governmental agencies that are equally keen to contribute in financial terms. Therefore, PERMATA Foundation Malaysia was established to receive contributions from various parties to serve to strengthen PERMATA Programme.

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