YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Hjh. Rosmah Mansor
Wife of the Honourable Prime Minister
Patron of the PERMATA Programmes

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Salam Sejahtera and Salam 1Malaysia.

The dramatic changes in the global economy in recent years have magnified the need for us to move swiftly with bold measures for the long-term benefit of the nation. Indeed, education is the main avenue to the development of the country in the economic, social and technology sector. In this regard, I am pleased to say that the PERMATA Programmes have successfully addressed the need to effectively improve the human capital development of Malaysia.

The PERMATA Programmes apply a holistic approach in shaping young minds with emphasis on the building of knowledge, wisdom, virtues and character. The future success of our country lies in talent optimization, learning agility and innovation capabilities of these young generations that will accelerate the development of the economy.

Dynamic change, as well as innovation, demands robust human capital that is fully engaged and agile, aggressively developed and skillfully deployed. Innovative approaches in harnessing human capital development such as the PERMATA Programmes are crucial because our future depends on a generation of able, skilled and agile leaders to face the challenges ahead. They must be able to view beyond boundaries and limitations, think beyond self-interest and committed towards the prosperity of the nation.

Children are our future. They are a precious national resource, a sustainable contributor to our civilization. They are an important asset in realizing visions for the nation’s progress. Therefore, human capital development and the fostering of values and skills are critical. My hope for the PERMATA Programmes is that every child and teenager will receive the opportunity to shine and make the country proud in the international arena.

As the Patron of the PERMATA Programme, we will continue the efforts initiated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia which is paving the way for Malaysia to gradually progress into a developed nation based on the progress of highly skilled, ethical, religiously obliged, creative and innovative minds.

Lastly, it is my highest hopes that the PERMATA Programme will achieve the goal of providing quality, highly-skilled and creative human capital successfully. May our efforts in promoting knowledge, wisdom and education ever be favourable in the eyes of Allah SWT.

Thank you.

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