PERMATA Division

PERMATA Divison was formerly known as PERMATA Secretariat. The establishment of PERMATA Secretariat is under the cabinet decision in 2006. PERMATA Secretariat was established to implement the PERMATA Curriculum and also to build up a centre in every state under the pilot project. PERMATA Secretariat started with 16 posts. Then in the year 2008, under the restructuring, PERMATA Secretariat has been changed to PERMATA Divison to further implement PERMATA Programme.

PERMATA Divison is under the Prime Minister’s Department and is headed by Undersecretary with now having more than 40 staffs. Its responsibilities are as follows:

  • To promote early childhood care and education for children below 4 years old.
  • To implement PERMATA Negara programme with the setting up more centres for the benefit of people in the rural areas.
  • To create the awareness for parents and public of the importance of early childhood care and education.
  • To coordinate all PERMATA Programmes’ activities and financial requirements.

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PERMATA Negara is under and managed by PERMATA Division, Prime Minister’s Department.

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