​PERMATA Negara being an education programme, its Curriculum is orientated towards a child’s holistic development and focuses on cognitive, socio-emotional and communication skills as well as physical well-being. It was formulated by the Curriculum Technical Committee chaired by the former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris with members comprising child experts from universities and professionals in this field.

To ensure that it contributes towards the child’s holistic development, the PERMATA Negara curriculum which underscores the National Education Philosophy stresses on five primary aspects namely (a) active interaction and communication (b) mind stimulation and literacy (c) child empowerment (d) independent learning (e) monitoring of a child’s abilities and potential, and (f) learning through play. The main objective of this curriculum is to enable a child to grow up as a loving, caring, confident and emotionally stable individual with a noble character.

The curriculum content covers six key areas of learning specifically for the mental, physical and emotional makeup of a child below 4 years old, namely (i) Physical (ii) Early Mathematics and Logical Thinking (iii) Senses and Understanding of his environment (iv) Language, Communication and Early Literacy (v) Creativity and Aesthetics and (vi) Personality, Socio-Emotional and Spiritual, as well as aspects of comprehensive childcare such as safety, balanced diet, nursery and childcare practices.

In addition, results of comparative studies on similar programmes implemented by developed countries were adapted and streamlined so that the PERMATA curriculum is in harmony with our local culture and the National Education Philosophy while fulfilling the needs and mental development of Malaysian children. This adaptation has made the PERMATA curriculum the best combined model drawn from the leading childcare centres in Europe, United States and some Asian countries. The curriculum is applied through learning activities that have been planned to suit the children’s development stage and ability according to their age group.

I believe that quality education programme can provide our children with the strong foundation to drive the country’s success. This is one of the strategies that can be adopted as a groundwork to develop the country’s best human capital and curb social problems amongst youths. Through the implementation of the PERMATA education programme, it is hoped that every child will have the opportunity to have his talents and potential nurtured and developed to create a spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonious individual. This effort also serves to assist the Government in its aspiration to produce Malaysians who are able to contribute towards peace and harmony of the community and the country.

YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Hjh. Rosmah Mansor

Official Launch Ceremony of Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara Bercham, Perak.

The PERMATA curriculum was piloted at the PERMATA Centre, and revised for improvement by taking into consideration the curriculum of the Kursus Asas Asuhan Kanak-kanak (Basic Course on Childcare) from the Community Welfare Department, and that of the Sijil Asas Pendidikan Awal Kanak-kanak Taska – SEPAKT (Certificate in Basic Early Education for Children in Care Centres) from KEMAS.

It has gone through several revisions to strengthen its contents following a study on its effectiveness during the period of the pioneer project from 2007 to 2009. The enhanced version has been endorsed as the National Curriculum under the Childcare and Early Education Policy approved by the Government in 2008. It will serve as a reference for the extension of the PERMATA programmes.

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