PERMATA Kurnia Programme

Early Intervention and Family Support Program

The purpose of early intervention and family support program is to prepare autistic children before they went to pre-school program at PERMATA Kurnia Centre. This program offered
services in two-hours session each week with families with 2-6 years old children. Skills that autistic children should possess are using toilet on their own, no challenging behaviors, not requiring assistance while doing tasks at desk and able to follow one step orders. Since the session only took place once a week, parents should give commitment to continue the early intervention at home to ensure children able to join pre-school program. The capacity for early intervention and family support program is 150 children. Intervention is done by one-to-one which is one intervention specialist for one child.

Pre-School Program

Pre-school program is an intervention with the concept of full-time education. Class begins from 8.30 in the morning until 4.00 in the evening. The aim of this program is to prepare autistic children before entering school. Through this program, pre-school children will be able to master social-emotions, communication, physical and academic. Academic skills consists of literature, numerical and writing. In addition, children will be exposed to assessment activities such as swimming, music, gardening, sports, cooking, dancing and arts. The capacity for pre-school program is 150 children. The ratio of teachers to children is 1:3.

Community Education Program

The aim of community education program is to expose parents, educators/therapist and community about autism and effective intervention strategies. Among the activities in community education program are weekend-training, public talk, program for autistic youth “Yes I Can!” and online education through iKurnia. Details of each program is explained her. Announcement about future program will be posted on PERMATA Kurnia Facebook page

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