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PERMATA Kurnia is part of the PERMATA programme and as the Patron of PERMATA Programme, YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor’s interest in autism came about when she visited a centre for children with autism managed by a non-profit organisation in Malaysia in 2012. While she understood their good intentions to give the best to the children, they had insufficient resources and facilities to do so. The learning environment at the centre was not conducive to the children’s development and the facilities were inadequate compared to other established centres around the world. Hence, it is for this very reason that she is extremely determined to set up a centre that can provide children with autism and the families with excellent and conducive learning environment.

Hence, through research, observations, visits and learning from the experience of others, PERMATA decided to establish a centre which primarily aims at enhancing awareness on ASD and provides early intervention to help children with ASD develop their fullest potential, and to prepare them for mainstream primary school education.

PERMATA literally means “jewel” signifying that children are the jewels of the nation while “Kurnia” means a special gift. We chose the word “kurnia” because these children are special gifts for us to accept them as they are and to nurture them to the best that we can. We have the power to unlock their potential and nurture them into wonderful, productive citizens who are able to contribute to society.

The primary aim of PERMATA Kurnia is to enhance awareness on autism. It is a well thought and comprehensively designed programme. PERMATA has collaborated with Autism Speaks, an international autism advocacy organization based in the United States.PERMATA Kurnia also receives unwavering support and assistance from the Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and also NGOs.


PERMATA Kurnia main purpose are to guide and prepare autistic child before going to mainstream school.


  • Educating autistic children to be independent and contributing to the community
  • Empowering parents to enable them to prepare suitable care that cultivate autistic children’s development.
  • Preparing training and consultation to teachers and therapist on the usage of strategist based on research in educating autistic children
  • Increasing public awareness about autism and challenges faced by autistic children and their family.
  • Becoming a model for future autistic centers nationwide.


PERMATA Kurnia main purpose is to guide and prepare autistic children before going to mainstream school.


Providing a high-quality education and early intervention in preparing autistic children before going to mainstream school by applying strategies based on evidence and naturalistic teaching through cooperation of

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