What is PERMATA?

The PERMATA Programmes were founded in 2007 under the auspices of YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Hjh. Rosmah Mansor, wife of the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia. The PERMATA programmes welcome children and teenagers from every walk of life, with the objective of providing a platform to unleash potentials and sharpen talents in order to accelerate national growth and cultivate a leading generation Malaysia can be proud of. PERMATA Programme’s purpose-driven modules encompass a wide scope crafted for suitability of every age group. PERMATA Negara takes care of the newly born to four-year old pre-schoolers. PERMATApintar caters for the needs of intellectually gifted children. PERMATA Seni nurtures children with high academic achievements and talented in the arts, while PERMATA Insan guides children in Islamic teachings based on the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, PERKASA@remaja focuses on lessons on leadership that are applicable to catalyse social change in young adults who are exposed to all kinds of risks. The implementation of the PERMATA programmes is in line with the national mission of the first class human capital development as one of the nation’s core growth factor. She is now embarking on two new projects; the PERMATA Kurnia, a programme for children with autism and Children Hospital. Both projects are in the process of implementation.

How We Started

The PERMATA Programmes were founded by YABhg. Datin Paduka Seri Hjh. Rosmah Mansor, who identified several professional groups including educators, academics, physicians, police officers, lawyers and government officials to address her concerns and propose solutions to increasingly prevalent social problems among adolescents. It was concurred that early child education is a pivotal key to nation-building. Thus, PERMATA Negara was initiated in 2007, as a result of the studies and observations made in the early child education in developed countries such as France, USA, Australia and New Zealand. From these observations, it was found that these developed countries have a clear emphasis on the ‘fun learning’ and guidance according to the tendency of the child. Today, PERMATA Negara reflects its focus towards experiential education. The curriculum of PERMATA Negara is an innovative approach adapted from the Pen Green Centre’s model of best practices and then fitted according to the Philosophy of Education and local culture to strengthen the content. Upon the successful implementation of PERMATA Negara’s Pilot Project, its implementation has been expanded and strengthened throughout the country to ensure that more children will have the opportunity to given the best start to excel in life.

Why join

The benefits of PERMATA Programmes include:

  • Projects, challengers and activities covering a range of subjects

  • New tools and resources that encourage cooperation and collaboration

  • A supportive network of academics, student mentors and peers

  • Material and content support and video by academics and specialists

  • Events, conference and activities

  • Support and guidance to exams and university application

Philosophy & Focus

The PERMATA Programmes focus on stimulation of the mind through experimentation, exploration and experience in a fun learning environment. These programmes intend to actively involve students in the learning process through discussion, group work, hands-on participation, and applying information outside the classroom.

“Every Child is Precious”; “Every Child is a National Treasure (PERMATA)” and “Every Child is the Nation’s Human Capital: is the philosophy of the PERMATA Programmes. It reflects the government’s initiative and emphasis on a foundation for integrated and holistic early child education system. The National Early Child Education and Care Policy was enacted and approved by the government in order to provide quality education to pre-school children.

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